Jour du Macaron

Today is Macaron Day in France. Who knew? I hadn’t even heard of macarons until recently, although apparently this is the new fad for “serious bakers.” David Lebovitz has a recipe for chocolate macarons with a nice discussion of technique, so I want to give it a try. I have all the ingredients; the chocolate filling strikes me as overkill, though. I’ve also found a plain version, which might be worth trying with the chocolate filling.

In fact, because I don’t even know what these things are (never having seen one in person, let alone tasted one), I’m trying the plain ones first. Right away we have a problem because I’m trying to pulverize sliced almonds in the food processor (with the powdered sugar), and the food processor just isn’t up to it. I have bits of almond, not almond powder, mixed with the sugar. This is supposed to be an acceptable method for pulverizing almonds. When I try this again, I’ll start with powdered almonds and see what happens. However, there’s no point in abandoning the project, so here’s the first tray out of the oven:

first tray of first-ever batch of macarons

First tray of first-ever batch of macarons

Some cracked but most didn’t, and some don’t have feet but some do. You can see the lumps of unpulverized almond. Here’s the second tray; these are also not perfect, but they look a little better:

Second tray of first batch of macarons

Second tray of first-ever batch of macarons

A few of these are cracked, but most aren’t, and the feet look better than they do on the first tray. There’s a school of thought that says you should let them sit out for awhile (the definition of awhile varies from half an hour to 2 hours), but another school of thought says get ’em right in the oven. The first tray went right in, and the second tray sat out for about 10 minutes. So the next time I try this I’ll give it 30 minutes and see if the feet look better.



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6 responses to “Jour du Macaron

  1. Michele

    hooray! I’ve found your blog!

  2. Michele

    And I also meant to say that I *love* the title “Linguina” – it reminds me of linguistics and lasagna and I’m not sure if it’s a real word or not. It doesn’t really matter. You’re now the Queena of Linguina!

    • Linguina is the singular of linguine (funny way to put it), and originally it was a play on my family name and my language-related work. The irony is that I’m a baker and not a cook. Oh, well . . .

  3. Thanks for linking to my macarons! I look forward to checking out Linguina! 🙂

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