Recipe Reviews

The rye bread was pretty good. This is the yeasted version, and I want to try the sourdough version. I think I’ll try a multigrain bread next, though.

The Tres Leches cake turned out fine—I think. It looks like the photo in the book (except I didn’t do anything decorative with the topping):

Tres Leches cake finished

Tres Leches cake finished

Maybe I did something wrong, or maybe it’s just not my thing. Dr. Science likes it okay but finds it pretty rich. It’s cakey and milky and sweet. It looks like it’s going to his office tomorrow, because there’s no way we can finish it before Saturday, when it officially hits its expiration date. Actually, I like the cake quite a bit, and I can see doing this cake in this pan, then splitting the cake, brushing it with a liqueur-flavored syrup, and topping it with a chocolate glaze.

Right now, though, I’m craving lemon tart.


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