Sourdough Culture Medium

Look at this bread; isn’t it gorgeous? I must make it! There’s just one catch: It’s sourdough, and I have no starter.

I’ve used sourdough starter (and made sourdough bread). Dr. Science really likes sourdough bread. I’m not wild about it, but I’m happy to make it. Maintaining the starter is another story. This loaf is so beautiful, though, it’s worth dealing with the sourdough starter. Fortunately, Susan gives directions for starting your own starter.

I figured I’d get that going this morning, but I forgot to leave water out overnight so the chlorine could dissipate. (Chlorinated water isn’t a yeast-friendly environment.) So I drew water today, and tonight I mixed up the ingredients. It’s a starter when it’s ready to use, it’s a culture when it’s growing, and at this point, before any life forms appear, it’s a culture medium.

Sourdough culture medium, day 0

Sourdough culture medium, day 0

I also did a little baking today:

Strawberry kiwi tart

Strawberry kiwi tart

It looks kaleidoscopic, doesn’t it? I think it’s prettier in the photo than in life.


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