Sourdough Culture

Well, apparently what I’m culturing here is Leuconostoc spp, but something’s happening, anyway:

Sourdough culture at 24 hours

Sourdough culture at 24 hours

And yes, that culture at 24 hours definitely stinks. Now that I’ve removed all but 75 g and mixed in the flour and water for day 2, it stinks less.

I’ve also decided that I can’t wait to try that garlic-and-parsley design, so I’ve just started a pre-ferment for a pain meunier, which I’ll make with the garlic paste but not the cheese. The only garlic available now is white, although there must be red or purple garlic somewhere. Anyway, I’ve bought some white garlic to experiment with. It won’t be as pretty, but I’ll be able to see how to handle the design and learn to make the garlic paste.

Pain meunier. In Michel Suas, Advanced Bread and Pastry. Clifton Park, N.Y.: Delmar Cengage Learning, 2009, pp 254-255.


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