Berry Tart

The baking has recommenced. Dr. Science has been out west visiting his family, and he brought his mother back with him. Tonight’s dessert is a tart with blackberries and raspberries that I got at Trader Joe’s. They’re delicious, and the total cost of the fruit on this tart is about $6:

Blackberry and raspberry tart

Blackberry and raspberry tart

We also had spinach soufflé, which I neglected to take a photo of, and some of that decorated garlic bread.

The sourdough culture is coming along. It smells right, but it isn’t doubling in 8 hours yet. It rises by about half again in 10 or 12 hours, so it has some work to do.


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  1. Michele Wolfe

    I’m so glad I signed up for your blog posts! Everything you make looks so wonderful – not just delicious but works of art. It inspires me 🙂

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