As Promised, Carrot Cake

Yesterday, the plan was carrot cake, but I ran out of time and made a quick and dirty banana cream pie, which is nearly gone. This afternoon I made a quick trip to the Market Basket and picked up a few things, including dried pineapple, and then I came home and made carrot cake. The last one I made was the King Arthur Kitchen Sink cake, but when I went to the site this time, I saw Sourdough Carrot Cake, which uses unfed sourdough starter.

I have some unfed sourdough culture (technically it’s not yet a starter) in the fridge. Actually, I have two containers of it, the real one, which has been there since we headed to Maine for Lynn’s graduation, and the container of culture that gets scooped out at feeding time. The recipe calls for a cup of starter, and I had about a cup of this excess culture, and I liked the idea that I could use that. I hate the idea of just pouring perfectly usable ingredients down the sink. Tomorrow morning I’ll get the real culture out of the fridge and try to get that up to speed. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning because I need to let a glass of water sit out so the chlorine can dissipate.

The one thing I did change in this recipe was the pineapple. Many carrot cake recipes, including this one, call for a can of pineapple, drained. But I’ve learned from the Kitchen Sink recipe that dried pineapple works well (and maybe even better), so I used 4 oz of chopped dried pineapple. Oh, yeah, and I added some nutmeg, which I saw on the list of ingredients for the Kitchen Sink version when I was getting an idea of how much dried pineapple to use. I love nutmeg.

After the cake cooled in the pan for 10 minutes, I turned it out to cool on a rack:

Naked carrot cake, cooling

Naked carrot cake, cooling

and while that was going on, I made the cream cheese frosting:
Cream cheese frosting, made with neufchatel for 1/3 less guilt

Cream cheese frosting, made with neufchatel for 1/3 less guilt

I stuck the frosting in the refrigerator while the cake finished cooling, then I put the cake back in the pan (which comes with a lid, so that makes it easy to store) and spread the frosting on it:
Sourdough carrot cake, frosted and ready to eat

Sourdough carrot cake, frosted and ready to eat

It’s good cake. It’s pretty big, though, and I fully expect to have plenty left this time tomorrow.

And I got some dates today, too, so when we’re ready for more dessert, I’ll have a shot at sticky toffee pudding.


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