More Flaky Pie Crust?

Finally, we’re nearly out of carrot cake. The next time I make a sheet cake, I’m sending it in with Dr. Science. If the products don’t get eaten, I don’t get to bake.

Here’s my opportunity to see if the extra-flaky pie crust I made last time was a fluke, or if the things I did differently contributed to the effect. The three different things were chilling the shortening in the freezer, cutting the butter into random-sized chunks instead of into small cubes, and rubbing in the fat with my fingers instead of cutting it in with the pastry blender. Tonight I did all three. If the crust is extra flaky, that’s probably a result of one or more of these differences. Then I can experiment with trying just one thing, like chilling the shortening, and gauge the effect. If the crust is not extra flaky, then the last time was a fluke.


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