Fruit Curd as a Learning Experience

We’re out of pie, but what to make? It’s too warm for sticky toffee pudding, and I have too much work to do to make anything really interesting. So I defaulted to lime curd tart. It’s quick and easy, I love it, and it won’t last long.

Lime curd tart, but not for long

Lime curd tart, but not for long

I’m also beginning to accept the fact that fruit curd is a learning experience. I thought I had this nailed down a long time ago, but the more I make (the more versions I try), the more I realize I don’t have a definitive recipe. I’ll just have to practice systematically until I come up with one. It’s a dirty, rotten job, but someone has to do it.

This weekend the weather will be in the 70s, so that might count as cool enough for sticky toffee pudding, so I might be making that tomorrow.

The 1847 sourdough starter is bubbling but not growing very much. I fed it today and tonight. We’ll see how that’s doing tomorrow.


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