Golden Syrup

One ingredient I sometimes see in English recipes is golden syrup. I’m told corn syrup is an acceptable substitute, but it’s always nice to have the ingredient the recipe calls for.

This afternoon when I was in the Star Market at Porter Square, I happened to notice it. I don’t like the Star Market; everything’s overpriced, and they mustn’t treat the staff very well because the staff turnover is pretty rapid. However, they have a good ethnic food aisle, which includes a British section, and that’s where I saw the golden syrup:

Lyle's Golden Syrup

Lyle's Golden Syrup

Now I just need a recipe that uses it. I’ll bet Michele has one.



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3 responses to “Golden Syrup

    • Michele, how do you expect people to read your blog if you don’t tell anybody you have one?

      • Michele Wolfe

        Well, you see, the blog is really for me. It accomplishes two things: it keeps me busy now that I’m not spending 8 hours at work every day and (this is key) it helps me to remember things that I’d otherwise forget. Like a diary. Except with photos. Not even Dave knows that I have a blog. BTW, I love yours. I esp like how each post is delivered in my mail in the morning 🙂

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