All’s Well that Ends Well

Today, everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

One of my baking projects today was sourdough bread. That was going well enough until I tried to get the dough into the oven. I had formed a round loaf and decorated it with parsley. Then, thinking I was doing what I was supposed to, I floured a tea towel, lined a bowl with that, and turned the decorated dough into the bowl to rise upside down.

Apparently I failed to flour the towel well enough because when I tried to remove the towel, it stuck. I carefully peeled the towel off the dough, only destroying the loaf somewhat, and managed to get the loaf onto the baking sheet. As I slid the baking sheet into the oven, the dough slid off and fell onto the oven door.

At that point I gave up. I turned off the oven and scraped the dough off the oven door. But my hands couldn’t help forming the dough into a ball. So I tossed the ball of dough onto the baking sheet, slashed the dough across the top, and shoved it into the oven.

Half an hour later, I checked the bread. It didn’t look right. I took its temperature and got 126℉. That’s when I noticed the oven was off. I told Dr. Science, “Okay, that’s it. I’m throwing this away and trying again tomorrow.” Dr. Science said, “Why not just turn on the oven and see what happens?” I said, “You can turn on the oven and see what happens if you want.”

Dr. Science took the bread out of the oven when the bread’s internal temperature reached 200℉, and here it is:

Disaster sourdough bread

Disaster sourdough bread



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2 responses to “All’s Well that Ends Well

  1. Michele Wolfe

    I bet it still tastes great. Hmmm. Warm bread smeared with butter.

  2. Delicious bread. It doesn’t matter how it looks once you start eating it!

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