Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread

The sourdough starter sat in the fridge for awhile, neglected, but yesterday I woke it up and fed it, and this morning I fed it again. Then this afternoon I got a loaf of sourdough bread going. It had to be whole wheat because I’m out of all-purpose flour, and bread flour isn’t always the best thing for sourdough bread because the dough can get a little too stiff for the wild yeast to lift. I looked on the Internet for a recipe and found this one for 100 Percent Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread.

Mine isn’t 100% whole wheat because I feed my starter with white flour. I should start converting some starter to whole wheat; I certainly have plenty. Anyway, she gives the ingredients in weights, which I use, and she lets you use gluten flour, which makes me feel better, although I might not have needed it with the white starter. This loaf, made with the white starter, is about 60% whole wheat, which shouldn’t provide enough bran to damage the gluten strands and keep the bread from rising. When I’ve converted some starter, I’m pretty sure I’ll need that gluten, and it’ll be interesting to compare the results. This is a very basic loaf with nothing fancy added in like wheat germ or seeds.

Naturally it took a good long time for the first rise, about 3 hours all together. I folded it twice, at 1-hour intervals. Then I formed the loaf into a kind of bâtard and let it rise for another hour, slashed the top, and baked it at 350℉ for about 40 minutes.

Whole wheat sourdough bread

Whole wheat sourdough bread

Obviously it spread quite a bit as it rose and then again as it baked. You can just see where the slash was. The crumb looks pretty good, too:

Whole wheat sourdough: crumb view

Whole wheat sourdough: crumb view

I haven’t tasted it yet, but Dr. Science says it’s good.


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