KAF New England Baking Enthusiasts Meetup

I’m still working too much, although the work should be letting up a little bit soon. Last night I took a break from reading about anxiety disorders to attend a meetup at Flatbread Somerville at Sacco’s Bowl Haven in Davis Square. Yep, you can bowl there. They have a wood-fired oven for pizza, and their ingredients are local and organic as much as they can manage, which is about 90%, the waitress told us. Good beer, too. If you bowl, they’ll deliver the food to your lane.

So the meetup was with the King Arthur Flour New England Baking Enthusiasts. There was another one this morning atFlour Bakery in Cambridge across the street from MIT. A bunch of people signed up for the one at Flour, but apparently I was the only one who had time to do the one at Flatbread. I’ve met Susan Miller, who runs the baking education at KAF. Suzanne Cote was also there; she does media relations for KAF. It was really fun to chat with Susan and Suzanne and eat delicious artisanal pizza from the wood-fired oven.


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